Drugs / Controlled Substances

Drugs/Controlled Substances

After the passage of Measure 110, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize the personal possession of illegal drugs and other controlled substances. However, it is still a crime to deliver or manufacture illegal drugs or controlled substances. Additionally, the possession of illegal drugs or controlled substance above the currently established legal limits is still a crime. The criminal penalties resulting from a conviction for delivering or manufacturing illegal drugs or a controlled substance can be significant, including prison sentences and felony supervised probation. Additionally, if a person is convicted of a criminal offense involving illegal drugs or controlled substances, he or she may face significant collateral consequences including denial of federal student aid, denial of housing, and restrictions on the possession or transfer of firearms. First-time offenders can often avoid a conviction by participating in court-supervised treatment programs.

I am a criminal defense attorney based in Medford, Oregon. My law office is in Jackson County, and I have represented hundreds of Southern Oregon clients charged with possessing, manufacturing, and delivering illegal drugs or controlled substances. Most drug investigations fall into two categories: search warrants served on drug houses and searches of vehicles during traffic stops. I have extensive experience challenging search warrants and challenging the constitutionality of vehicle searches.

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