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Marijuana is legal to grow, sell, and use in Oregon. However, it is still a crime to grow or transport marijuana without the proper licensing from the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC). Additionally, it is a crime for an individual to possess more than one ounce of marijuana in a public place or more than eight ounces of marijuana in a private place. The criminal penalties resulting from a marijuana conviction can include incarceration and felony supervised probation. Additionally, if a person is convicted of a criminal offense involving marijuana, he or she may face significant collateral consequences including denial of federal student aid, denial of housing, and restrictions on the possession or transfer of firearms. Law enforcement has secured additional funding in recent years to investigate and prosecute marijuana crimes.

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I am a criminal defense attorney based in Medford, Oregon. My law office is in Jackson County, and I have represented scores of Southern Oregon clients charged with manufacturing and delivering marijuana. Marijuana investigations generally fall into two categories: search warrants served on grow sites and searches of vehicles during traffic stops. I have extensive experience challenging search warrants and challenging the constitutionality of vehicle searches.

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