Stalking & Restraining Orders

Stalking and restraining orders are civil orders entered by the court that restrict a person from having contact with an individual and specific places where that individual might be present. In these types of proceedings, the “petitioner” is requesting that the court enter a protective order against the “respondent.” Protective order proceedings begin when the petitioner serves court papers on the respondent. Once the respondent is served, he or she has a limited amount of time to request a hearing in front of the court or the protective order will automatically be kept in place.

Protective orders are not criminal convictions. However, if an order is entered against a person there can be significant collateral consequences including restrictions on owning firearms, denial of employment in certain fields, and difficulty finding housing. Protective orders are often used as a tactic by parties in divorce and custody proceedings.

I am a criminal defense lawyer based in Medford, Oregon. I offer legal services in the heart of Jackson County, and I have served as an attorney for protective order clients in Southern Oregon. I understand the complicated dynamics involved in protective order proceedings, and I represent respondents and petitioners in both stalking and restraining order proceedings.