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When my son was facing arrest I chose Chris. I called Chris on a Sunday morning and he kindly returned my call that day. After talking with him for a few minutes, he was able to calm me down by telling me about similar cases. He gave me free legal advice on what to do next. I knew this was the attorney for my son. Chris negotiated a plea bargain with the DA that resulted in counseling and probation for what could have been a year in jail. I am grateful to Chris and give him the highest recommendation. Most of all I appreciate him being there in a very difficult time. His fee was more than reasonable.
My case was slightly unique. While attending a wedding in Medford, Or. I was arrested for DUII. I live in Massachusetts and was unable to navigate the complex of Court Protocols and Procedures. Attorney Missiaen undertook my case and represented me in court. His no nonsense approach not only obtained the best possible outcome, but also allowed me to feel confident I was in good hands and not to worry. I would highly recommend him . His knowledge and legal expertise are Top Shelf.
Christopher Missiaen provided uncommon counsel in my time of need… Chris has a keen insight to the issues and proved to be extremely knowledgeable in his field. He always returned calls, and never leaves you hanging. Words cannot begin to express how eternally grateful I am! I will surely recommend the Law Office of Christopher Missiaen to anyone in need of excellent representation..
Chris was a huge help in my recent case. Even with my lengthy past record, Chris negotiated a plea deal with the district attorney which was very much in my favor and avoiding any jail time. It’s hard to find a good honest attorney these days and Chris is one of very few left.
Chris represented me in a recent DUII case which we took all the way to a jury trial. Because of Chris’s knowledge of the law, his experience in the courtroom, and his due diligence, the jury came back with a NOT GUILTY VERDICT, and I was acquitted of DUII. When I had questions, he listened & answered them with sincere honesty. I always felt like we were a “team”, working together to win my case. I recommend Chris very highly if you need an attorney to fight your case.
I am writing on behalf of Christopher Missiaen to detail what a positive experience it was to see a man at the top of his profession do his job with confidence and brilliance. I was fortunate to have Mr. Missiaen be the attorney who was given my case as a public defender. Our time together spanned over 2 years with multiple court appearances. Every time Mr. Missiaen would explain what was expected and what the positives were and always with a quiet confidence of “just let me do my job.” Because our case involved law enforcement early rulings that should have had the case dismissed, including a mistrial due to D.A. misconduct, was still allowed to continue. Finally we had to go to trial at which time Mr. Missiaen assured me that with a good jury open to judging just the facts, he felt we would prevail. Watching Mr. Missiaen in a trial situation was the tour de force as he articulately dissected the D.A.’s case. Needless to say we won! I know that we all hope to never need an attorney, but if you find you do, you can never do any better than Christopher Missiaen.
I was lucky enough to have Mr. Missiaen assigned to me while he was still working as a public defender. I was impressed with his ability to think outside the box and to be quick on his feet in a courtroom setting. He was always upfront and honest with me as well as making me feel like my case really was important to him. He is now going into private practice and I will be using his services if I have any more legal troubles. I highly recommend him thanks to his high degree of professionalism and integrity.
My attorney, Chris did a great job representing me during my trial. He listened to the testimonies of my now ex-wife and her sister and exploited their inconsistencies. He definitely knew what he was doing and I would definitely recommend him. He also warned me of the risks involved in going to trial, but prevailed with a full acquittal. I am honored to be able to do this review for him.

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