Marijuana and Other Controlled Substances

The citizens of Oregon are now allowed to grow, use, and possess marijuana for recreational purposes. However, there are confusing and ever-shifting laws that place limits on the recreational use of marijuana. Generally speaking, law enforcement in Oregon has not scaled back on their drug-interdiction programs and district attorneys across Oregon are still filing charges for marijuana-related drug offenses.

Additionally, the state is continuing to investigate and prosecute citizens for the unlawful possession or distribution of prescription medications. If a person is convicted of a criminal offense involving controlled substances (including marijuana), he or she may face significant collateral consequences including denial of federal student aid, denial of housing, and restrictions on the possession or transfer of firearms.

I am a criminal defense attorney based in Medford, Oregon, and I offer legal counsel on issues involving recreational marijuana and other controlled substances. I have represented hundreds of clients in Jackson County and Southern Oregon on marijuana and other drug charges. First-time offenders can often avoid a conviction by participating in court-supervised treatment programs. Drug cases often involve questions about whether law enforcement violated a defendant’s constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure. I have filed motions to suppress in scores of drug cases and on many occasions have been successful in suppressing evidence and getting controlled substance charges dismissed for my clients.