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Serving all of Oregon with an emphasis on Medford, Jackson County, and Southern Oregon

Meet Christopher Missiaen

Experienced, Dedicated Attorney Who Always Stands Up For His Clients

I have worked as a criminal defense attorney in Jackson County since 2007. I founded my own law firm in 2015 after working for seven years as an attorney at Southern Oregon Public Defender.

As a criminal defense attorney, I have handled thousands of criminal cases. I have represented clients on charges of Murder, DUI, Disorderly Conduct, and everything in-between. I have taken approximately 75 criminal cases to a jury trial.

I have earned a reputation with my clients, the court, prosecutors, my colleagues, and law enforcement as a dedicated attorney who is always willing to stand up for my clients.

Serving all of Oregon

With an emphasis on Medford, Jackson County, and Southern Oregon

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FAQs about Grand Jury

I’ve worked as an Oregon criminal defense attorney in Medford, Jackson County, and Southern Oregon for nine years; and I also served on a grand jury in Deschutes County in 2007. Grand jury is probably the most secretive and misunderstood part of the criminal justice system. The purpose of this blog is to answer some common questions about how the state grand jury process works in Oregon. If you have been indicted by a grand jury or are being investigated by a grand jury, you should contact an Oregon criminal defense attorney for specific advice about your situation. What is…

Case Results

Not Guilty: My client was contacted by law enforcement after leaving a bar. She performed poorly on the roadside tests, but blew under the legal limit. Nevertheless, the state decided to proceed with the prosecution. At trial, I questioned the validity of the roadside tests and established that the police officer had a selective memory of events. The jury found my client not guilty of DUI.