About Christopher Missiaen

I started my own law firm in 2015 after working for seven years as an attorney for Southern Oregon Public Defender in Jackson County. As a public defender, I handled thousands of cases from Murder to Disorderly Conduct and everything in between. I have earned a reputation with my clients, the court, prosecutors, my colleagues, and law enforcement as a dedicated attorney who is always willing to stand up for his clients.

FAQs about Grand Jury

I’ve worked as an Oregon criminal defense attorney in Medford, Jackson County, and Southern Oregon for nine years; and I also served on a grand jury in Deschutes County in 2007. Grand jury is probably the most secretive and misunderstood part of the criminal justice system. The purpose of this blog is to answer some [...]

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Should I Blow?

The most likely way that most of us might end up involved in the criminal justice system is through a DUI investigation – almost all of us drive, lots of us drink, and it’s not a crime to have some drinks and then drive. So it’s not surprising that people often ask me for advice [...]

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But She Doesn’t Want to Press Charges

I think we’ve all seen television shows or movies where a victim is asked, “Do you want to press charges?” For domestic violence cases in Oregon, it doesn’t matter whether the victim wants to press charges or not. Oregon law requires a police officer to make an arrest if they have probable cause to believe [...]

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Is a Public Defender a Real Lawyer?

The short answer is “yes.” Public defenders are attorneys who have passed the bar exam and are subject to the same ethical and licensing requirements as private attorneys. Most people know this, and I think the real concern people are expressing about public defenders is whether they will receive quality legal representation from a public [...]

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